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Nakuru rolls out Free Covid-19 testing

The Nakuru County today launched free covid-19 testing in all the eleven sub-counties in order to curb the increasing cases of the disease, however, the turn-up was more positive in the urban than the rural areas.
The Public Health Director, Elizabeth Kiptoo, said they were encouraged by the good response in the urban areas and they have decided to carry out mobilization and increased awareness in the rural areas so as to increase the numbers.
But, she said the testing centres in the rural areas will be targeted for areas with more cases and those that have not reported any cases at all.
She said: “Sub-counties like Kuresoi have only reported two cases and we decided to carry out mass testing to isolate people who might be asymptomatic before it spreads in the area.”
In addition, she said other sub-counties such as Rongai and Naivasha with a high number of admissions are also targeted to ensure that positive cases are isolated before they infect their immediate family members and the community.
However, the director said despite Naivasha having many cases the turnout was very poor due to stigmatization and fear of being taken to isolation centres.
Ms Kiptoo urged members of the public not to spread negative information, on the seven isolation centres in the county, instead view them positively because they play an important role in the control of the pandemic.
She said the county has identified negative behaviours, such as downplaying the ministry of health protocols of wearing masks, social distancing and reduced frequency of handwashing, as the cause of increasing numbers in the county.
The Health Director noted, with regret, that due to the irresponsible behaviour of men visiting entertainment areas such as bars, has led to 70 per cent of them being positive compared to only 30 per cent of the women.
She dismissed the wrong notion that those who have recovered acquire immunity against the disease and clarified that it only lasts for three months, hence the need for strict adherence to the set protocol. She was speaking to kna today during an interview at the county offices.

By Veronica Bosibori

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