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Narok family narrowly escapes death after Hyena attack

A  family of five escaped death narrowly after they were attacked by a rogue hyena  on Monday night at Maji Moto area in Narok South Sub County.

Speaking  to the press on Tuesday morning, Peter  Merku  who was a casualty said that a cackle of hyenas had visited the area during the night and one of them stormed into their house as they were making their evening meal.

Merku  said he heard the children screaming in the house and when he tried to rescue them from the rogue animal, he too was attacked and bitten on his left hand.

His wife who was making supper at the time of the attack was bitten five times on her hand as she tried to rescue her children from the animal.

“The animal came straight into the kitchen where my wife was preparing the evening meal at around 7:30pm. The incident was frightening as we have never experienced such in the past,” said Merku.

Two children were bitten by the animal, one on her left knee while the other was bitten on her stomach.

The casualties were taken to Majimoto Health Clinic  where they were treated and discharged.

According to the Clinic Officer  who attended them, James  Nampaso, five patients were brought in his clinic early in the morning with septic wounds and were given strong anti-biotics and anti rabbies treatment.

Nampaso said he advised the patients to visit the health centre daily for a close monitoring of the wounds.

Augustine  Ajuoya, the Community Warden confirmed the incident and said they will compensate the family.

He said that his department has mapped out human-wildlife conflict hotspots and strategically deployed rangers in those areas to respond and reduce the negative interaction between the wild animals and human beings.

By  Ann  Salaton/Kefa Lemayian

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