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Natembeya Ban Bars in Eor Ekitok Area

The  Narok County Commissioner (CC), George Natembeya has ordered for the closure of all bars in Eor  Enkitok area in Narok, North Sub-County, after it was discovered that the bars were selling illicit brew.

He asked the bar owners operating in the area to seek for alternative ways of earning income, saying no single bar would be licensed as they had failed to follow the rules and regulations laid down.

“Since I came here a month ago, this area has reported numerous incidents of illegal drinks, where our youths and men spend a full day in alcoholic hubs,” he lamented.

Natembeya said this today when he visited the area, where he asked the chiefs and security personnel to be on guard to fight any sale of alcohol.

“Chiefs are the eyes of the president on the ground, you do not expect the president to come here on the ground to fight illicit brew, it is you chiefs who knows what is happening in your village and should be vigorously fighting the act,” he said.

The initiative was taken following an outcry by residents in the area, who said many children and men were spending quality time in the drinking hubs, hence raising the levels of poverty in the area.

The  Narok  Agriculture Stakeholders Forum Chairman, Simon Poror blamed the residents for leasing out land to outsiders, leaving them with nothing to do, and therefore spend their quality time in drinking dens.

A member of the Nyumba Kumi committee, Mzee Ole Sadera lamented that at least nine people have lost their lives in a period of five years after consuming the illegal brew.

By  Ann  Salaton

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