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National government to sink 80 boreholes in Kieni

The national government will sink 80 boreholes in Kieni to boost water connectivity in the constituency.

Speaking at Karichen area MP Njoroge Wainaina said he has drawn the proposal to the government in a major plan to end the perennial water shortage in Kieni.

“If the government implements my plan, water shortage will be a thing of the past,” said Wainaina. He said once complete, residents will benefit with water for domestic use and irrigation.

He said once the water is supplied, women will have time to focus on other areas of their lives such as economic empowerment, considering they are currently spending a lot of time searching for water.

“Our people are not lazy. If sufficient water is provided, they can provide enough food to sustain their families,” said MP.

He noted that the government, through the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, has announced plans to build at least three mega dams in each of the 47 counties in Kenya.

Kieni Constituency will benefit from the construction of Karemeno dam, according to the government plan and the project will help create jobs and improve the socio-economic status of the region through improved food security.

By Beth Ndirangu

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