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National Government ups the game with construction of 45 million shillings Kiambu County Headquarters

The Kiambu County Commissioner, Wilson Wanyanga when he officially opened the new complex in Kiambu Township on Friday, May 29, 2020. Photo by Lydia Shiloya/KNA.

Civil  Servants working in Kiambu under the National Government will now start working from a magnificent Sh.45 million worth County Headquarters after many years of working in small dingy rented offices following the opening of the headquarters last Friday

The officers have now been allocated offices at the building dubbed Kiambu County Commissioner’s Complex that took two years to construct.

Located at Makadara grounds in Kiambu Township, the complex shall accommodate departments in the National Government which have been working from rented premises that were sometimes very congested.

During the opening of the office last Friday, the County Commissioner (CC), Wilson Wanyanga noted the officers would now not waste time traversing the town to get to meeting venue at the Administration Chapel in Indian Bazaar since the building has enough meeting room.

“Officers will no longer work in rented and dilapidated premises that the landlords refuse to maintain for no proper reason, yet they keep drawing rent from the government.I always had a vision of having all officers working under one roof, and now after opening this office today, we are actually going to deliver as there will be no time wasted walking long distances in search of a service that can be accessed next door,” said the Administrator.

The accommodated departments include Youth, Meteorological, State department of gender, Procurement and Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) whose heads can now breathe a sigh of relief as they will not worry about issues rent.

And today, Wanyanga reminded the beneficiaries that they must work as a team and ensure they contributed towards payment of amenities like power and water bills.

He said the office has one kitchen and ample area for a restaurant and officers will now be assembling at the restaurant for their tea and meals where they can share notes on best management practices they would embrace while discharging their mandates in various fields.

He reckoned that members of the public will also have an easy time as they will be served from almost a one-stop-shop environment unlike before whereby they were forced to walk long distances in search of services thus wasting a lot of time.

Most of the beneficiaries occupied their offices over the weekend while others are in the process of procuring furniture and other necessary equipment.

The  County Youth Director, Jacinta Migwi thanked the CC for allocating her department space in the new complex. “I am delighted that I was considered to work and serve youth who form a big percentage of Kiambu population from the doorsteps of the County Administrator,” she said while arranging her new office.

The  County Director for Meteorological Services, Magdalene Gateri was also thankful for being offered office space at the complex. “I cannot bring in that old furniture in this complex as it will be a disgrace to the allocation,” she quipped.

By  Lydia Shiloya

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