Njuri Ncheke elders to Kenyans: Accept court verdicts

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The Njuri Ncheke council of elders has urged all Kenyans to accept today’s court ruling of the presidential petitions.

Supreme Court judges are set to give their judgment over the matter and Kenyans are highly anticipating the ruling.

Njuri Ncheke Council of elders, a traditional judicial system among Meru community whose jurisprudence is to settle disputes among members. It is headed by senior most members of the age group known as’ ‘Munene O Nauru’’.

The elders’ council is entirely composed of only men who have various leadership capacities drawn from all the clans of the Meru Community.

Before you become a member of Njuri Ncheke elders you must undergo some rituals including offering goats and sheep as a recruit.

Their headquarters are based at Nchiru shrine.  The council is greatly honoured by the residents not only on the mandate of unifying and settlement of disputes but also in giving some direction over some social matters in the society.

The elders’ council has called upon all Kenyans of different walks of life to respect and uphold the Supreme Court verdict so that the country to remain united and peaceful at all times.

“It is the high time we Kenyans continue to coexist peacefully and continue with day to day activities of building the nation even as the ruling will be made,” said the council Chairman Linus Kathera.

Speaking at Kangeta Market the chairman of the Council Linus Kathera said the nation is an exemplary country which is not only endowed with good leaders but also the citizens who are fundamental resources of the nation.

He congratulated Kenyans for peacefully exercising their democratic right of choosing all leaders.

By Kamanja Maeria

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