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Only 50% of chief’s office is occupied

As the issue of office accommodation continues to cause concern in National and County government offices in Kiambu County, an office meant to house the chief for Ndumberi location is yet to address the issue.

The magnificent looking office located on the Kiambu-Limuru Road can only take on board half of the officers it was meant to serve following the user change after it was constructed.

Only 50% of this office is usable because it was meant to be a police station when it was constructed but upon completion, it was converted into the office of the chief.

            While on a tour to the facility Tuesday, KNA found the Assistant Chief Mr. John Thiong’o was working from a tiny room allocated to him and the administrator could only host two people in total contravention of the covid rules that dictated social distancing as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus.

            The room could only accomodate three people, the assistant chief included, which contradicts his work procedures as in most cases he is called upon to use the reception  area, therefore denying other users of the offices access especially when he is holding a meeting.

Part of the office has been allocated to the zonal education officers in charge of Ndumberi location.

            Thiong’o told KNA that the current status of the office could only be more useful to his colleagues if it was restructured.

“When this office was built, it was  meant to be a police post and you find that most of it consists of cells with inbuilt toilets that we do not require to serve the people accordingly,” he stated.

            The facility which was constructed through the support of Kiambu NG-CDF in the 2017-2018 financial year requires refurbishment to properly address the need of office accommodation.

            He noted that after construction, the MP Mr. Jude Njomo had accepted to collapse of some walls within the building which would go a long way to create more space and enable them to accommodate the officers.

            Currently, Ndumberi Chief Mr. Christopher Gathuma is still working from a prefabricated container located at Ndumberi stadium which is a bit spacious and can accomodate more people seeking his services.

            The MP has been credited for the improved infrastructure of schools, police posts and health facilities in the region which has brought services closer to the people.

By Lydia Shiloya

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