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Organization gives hope to street urchins and orphans

A hospitality and rehabilitation centre in Keng’atuny village in Teso North Sub-county has equipped hundreds of vulnerable children including street children and orphans with education, technical skills and psychosocial support.

Sunbeam Children’s Home that was established six years ago has given comfort and a second chance to over 130 children from across Busia and the neighbouring Uganda.

Speaking to the press during the launching of four classrooms to accommodate the rising population at the facility, the home Director Ellen Alison urged the society and local leadership to embrace the facility as it continues to revive the dreams for many.

Alison noted that domestic violence and poverty are the key factors that drive children from their homes as majority resorts to forced labour to earn a living or move to streets.

“We have so far enrolled about 130 street children at our centre most of whom were abandoned by their families. We offer them free education from baby class to grade 6 and we are yet to transition our first lot to JSS. We also train those beyond primary education basic carpentry, tailoring, welding and hospitality, as well as spiritual nourishment,” noted Alison.

 According to the Teso North Children’s officer Joy Alumase, the number of child labour cases in Busia has been on rise with more than 2,000 children involved directly or indirectly.

Alumase attributed the cases to the mainly post Covid-19 effects including poverty, domestic violence and lack of social support.

She challenged parents to avoid dictating to their children on matters education and career choices to avoid bringing up a rebellious society.

“A child builds trust and confidence in you based on how you relate with his or her peers and their parents. Avoid too much dictatorship and instead be a mentor,” said Alumase.

Area MCA Boniface Ekade thanked the organization and urged county leadership to prioritize education and provision of investor friendly environment to attract more organizations in Busia.

By Absalom Namwalo

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