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Over 200 flood victims of 2018 benefited from free modern housing project in Garsen

Over  200 floods victims of 2018 in Garsen constituency of Tana River County have benefitted from free modern housing project implemented by an international humanitarian organisation.

The floods victims comprised of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as a result of floods that hit the area in 2018 who had been residing in makeshift structures along the Minjila- Garissa highway after they were asked not to go back to the flood prone areas by authorities.

Speaking  during the handover of the houses in Garsen on Tuesday, Al-lmdaad Foundation Chairman, Sheikh Suleiman Moola who was accompanied by area MP, Ali  Wario Guyo  said that the villages have two boreholes each, water tanks, several toilet facilities and mosques.

Moola said the two newly created villages named Sahaba city villages that consist of 100 housing units each at Minjila area cost the Al-Imdaad foundation from South Africa Sh. 32, 678,400 to construct.

He also said each house was funded by individual donors through the foundation at a cost of Sh. 163,400 and that nine more villages were set to be constructed so that all the people affected by floods could get decent shelter.

“It’s hurting to see people living in inhuman conditions like in this hut, its hot and a whole family get holed up here and I do not know how they survive,” he said after visiting one of the makeshift structures.

Moola  added that they will also consider constructing a school in the villages to carter for the education needs of the children.

Speaking at the same function the area, Wario said that the flood victims had no place to go after they were denied access to their flood prone residences and that he had to look for donors to help the situation.

“I wanted modern houses for my constituents who were suffering in the cold with their children due to living in dehumanising structure by the roadside,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries, Khadija Halima, a mother of five said that they had been attacked by hyenas and snakes at the makeshift camps and this caused them sleepless nights.

By  Simon Guruba

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