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Over 7,000 Kiambu Farmers to Get Subsidized Fertilizer

About 7,200 farmers in Kiambu have registered to receive subsidized fertilizer in anticipation of improved production, as the planting season approaches.

Kiambu is a region known for its agricultural potential, especially in tea, coffee, dairy and even poultry farming and the fertilizer is bound to help in boosting production.

“The rebirth of Agriculture will depend on the distribution of fertilizer and with the government offering this platform for every farmer to apply and get the fertilizer there is more hope for development of agriculture here in Kiambu,” said Deputy County Commissioner, Titus Macharia, while speaking to KNA in his Office.

He also added that the ongoing fertilizer subsidy project would assist a lot of residents since most people are farmers adding the move is meant to increase food production amid projections of depressed rains

According to Mary Njuguna who is In-Charge of registration of the farmers and issuing of the fertilizer, the stores are ready and awaiting the arrival of the fertilizer from the government.

“As per today we have registered 7,270 farmers who are ready and eagerly waiting for the news about the fertilizer, most of them are large scale farmers with the aim to boost and enhance their farming ventures,” said Njuguna .

She further added that there is no limitation on any amount a farmer can apply for the subsidized fertilizer.

“We are expecting 7,000 bags of fertilizer from the government, but with the increase in the number of farmers registering, the number of bags could be higher,” Njuguna added.

Speaking to Mary Gathoni, a farmer and cereal shop vendor at Kirigiti, who is one of the registered farmers, said she is eagerly waiting since the subsidized government fertilizer will help improve production in the next planting season, if the rains will be well distributed.

“As a single mother of five kids it has been so hard between paying the school fees and feeding my family. I don’t know what I would have done without Agriculture here,” Gathoni said.

“I thank the Government for giving us farmers a way to continue farming without having to worry about expensive prices of fertilizer and I cannot wait to get it,” she added.

Njuguna also added that the farmers will buy the bag at a new price lower than the original price, meaning the government will pay for the difference.

The bags that were going for Sh6,500 will retail for Sh3,500 leaving the government to pay the remaining Sh3,000.

By Emmaculate Yvonne and Grace Naishoo




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