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Oyula order shuts down Bumuturi Gold mining sites for security reasons

Butula MP Joseph Oyula has ordered the closure of gold mining sites within Bumuturi area after the miners intruding school premises in the search for that precious mineral.

The MP declared the sites as ‘disturbed and dangerous,’ pausing environmental risk to school-going children as they advanced into the school compound.

“When disaster strikes, the often-asked question is, where was the government? We want to ensure that incidents that result in deaths and injuries in mines are prevented before they occur. Our work as the government is to facilitate Kenyans to work in a safe and secure environment,” noted Oyula.

The legislature now wants the police to launch a crackdown on all illegal mines in the area. Oyula further directed all individuals conducting mining activities in Bumutiru to immediately apply for licenses from the mines and geology department.

“We are not going to allow unlicensed miners who cannot comply with NEMA rule and directive from the ministry of interior as they are now a threat to lives of families around here,” he added.

Last week parents and locals from Bumutiru Primary held a demonstration after they discovered mining activities were being done in school at night posing a danger to students in the school.

Area MCA Shadrack Masinde has issued a firm warning to individuals who are found operating illegal mines at night that residents will remain vigilant to ensure the security of learning institutions is given priority.

“Bumuturu secondary becomes the second school under threat of being destroyed by gold miners after a similar situation occurred at Kingadole secondary a few kilometers from here,” Masinde noted.

The mine had attracted over 1000 workers including school-going children which is central to the directive issued by Interior CS Kidiki when he first visited the site.

The school management now wants an immediate reshuffle of the administration united in the sub-county which it’s alleged has been compromised by the miners.

By Absalom Namwalo

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