Plastic bag dealers in Bungoma face NEMA’s crackdown

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The  NEMA team carrying out an operation  in one  of  the Bakeries in Bungoma  town  on Tuesday August 11, 2020. Photo by Maureen Imbayi/KNA.

The  Bungoma county National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has launched a major crackdown on
traders running illegal bakeries and selling plastic bags in the County.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday in his office, the County NEMA Director, John Maniafu said that he is  working closely with police officers to ensure that plastic bags are totally done away with in the  area.

“I am working closely with police officers in Bungoma and NEMA directors in other counties to ensure we  fight importation of plastic bags from Uganda,’’ he said, calling on market chairpersons to keenly  monitor those selling the plastic bags and report them to the relevant authorities for immediate  action.

He  warned individuals who are operating bakery businesses without following the Kenya Bureau of  Standard (KEBS) regulations to follow recommended protocols or risk closure of their businesses.

“I am not here to play hide and seek game, if you are reported to be operating a bakery without a  clearance letter from NEMA, my friend then you will land in double tragedy,’’ he warned.

On  conservation of water catchment areas, he urged Mt. Elgon residents to stop cutting trees, and  instead plant more tress to help in environment conservation.

“During heavy rains between the month of April and May, Mt. Elgon residents experienced landslides that claimed many lives and it’s due to scattered trees, I plead with residents to plant more trees on the slopes to conserve water sources,’’ he said.

Maniafu also cautioned residents against throwing used face masks in a careless manner, and instead take them to dust bins to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

He  however, added that NEMA is working closely with all isolation and quarantine centres to sensitise them on how to dispose of the used face masks.

By  Maureen  Imbayi

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