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Police officers recover 36 camels stolen from Merti-Sub County

Some  36 out of 75 camels reportedly stolen from Sabarwawa area in Merti Sub County last week have been recovered.

The  animals  were recovered on Tuesday after police officers patrolling Moyale-Isiolo highway  waved down a trailer that was ferrying them  to  Nairobi after being tipped by members of the public.

Two suspects, the driver and a passenger were arrested and are being held at Isiolo police station awaiting trial.

The  Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), David Maiyo called upon herders to closely work with local security operators and called on residents of areas near Sabarwawa to avoid retaliatory attacks.

“We  thank  the security team for recovering the animals and request them to continue with the search for the remaining 39 camels,” said Ugwass  Yussuf  one of the camel owners.

The  Isiolo County Police Commander (CPC), Joseph Kigen urged residents to support the police by reporting such incidents to facilitate arrest and prosecution of suspects.

The  Isiolo governor, Dr. Mohammed Kuti  who was present during the handing over of the camels to the owners pleaded with the government to speed up the vetting and branding of the National Police Reservists (NPR).

This, Dr. Kuti added would ensure maximum security and prevent raiders from taking advantage of the defenseless.

By  Purity  Wangechi

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