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Police station built in Kajiado North to boost security

Security in Kajiado North has been facing a number of challenges ranging from high rate of unemployed youth, misuse of drugs and substances, inadequate auxiliary services at police posts and poor relations between the community and the police.

To mitigate insecurity and restore trust among the community, the Kajiado North National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) implemented various security projects under the chairmanship of Hon. Joseph Manje.

Funds were allocated towards construction of police stations, houses, sanitary facilities and purchase of land to bring administration and government service providers close to the people.

According to NG-CDF chairman Simon Gatheru, community participation was undertaken through involvement of key stakeholders in identifying priority needs for security.

“We acknowledge the role played by different stakeholders through their insightful contributions as well as commitments in the Strategic Plan development process. It is our sincere joy to oversee successful implementations of projects and activities that impact positively on the lives of Kajiado North residents” said Gatheru

To bring law enforcement services closer to the people and boost security, land was purchased at Entomoto chief’s camp, Laser Hill chief’s camp and Oloika Road police post. Police posts have been constructed at Olekasasi and Matasia.

Recognizing the critical role law enforcement officers play in maintaining security, some funds from the CDF were allocated towards construction and renovation of administration police houses and sanitary facilities.

Beneficiaries included the Lekurruki AP camp, Olkeri chief’s camp and Karen chief’s camp AP offices.

Improving safety and security is an important aspect of society since it affects the well-being of every individual.

Security threats means heightened crime rates, fear among residents and subsequent reduction in revenue collection.

The NG-CDFC intends to implement further strategic plans to improve security in the constituency and combat insecurity in the constituency that has been largely attributed to growing urban centers.

By Amy Moyi 

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