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PSG boss advocates for electoral system overhaul

The president and CEO of Public Service Governance (PSG), Amb. Esther Waringa, has called for a complete overhaul of the general elections so as to save the country from the highly destructive, divisive, expensive, and tribalistic effects of the exercise.

She has also called for the suspension of the entire elected leadership, the official opposition, and parts of the constitution of Kenya that are election-centred.

Speaking during a press briefing at a Nairobi Hotel Tuesday, Waringa said successive elections that have been held in the country since independence have only done more harm than good to the country’s governance.

“Our elections are highly destructive, divisive, expensive, and tribalistic.  We will do ourselves and our country a lot of good if we decisively do away with General elections as a way of birthing leadership in the Republic of Kenya,” said the PSG President.

Amb. Waringa said elections brought the country to its knees in 2007 and 2008, adding: “We are almost headed to a worse scenario, going by signs of the time.”

Consequently, the Public Service Governance Institution is now proposing a new normal in governance and government dubbed, “Kenya Bila Uchaguzi” by allowing the Public Service to deliver on the development mandate of the government.

“We will now start to implement the public service system of governance because desperate situations call for desperate measures,” she said.

Waringa said she will soon be issuing a statement on guidelines on the operationalization of the Public Service towards continuity of service delivery in a more enhanced, accountable, and responsible manner after doing away with the General elections, all elective offices, and the opposition.

Quoting the Constitution, Article 1, she said Kenyans have the right (Sovereignty of the People) to suspend the Constitution or do away with the parts that do not serve us.

Waringa said during the transition period, when all the elected leadership is suspended, the Public Service, the judiciary, and the security of the country will be in place to help.

By Kibet Cheptumo

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