Residents protest wild animal attacks 

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Residents of Kagongo Murungaru Ward in Kinangop are calling upon the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to trail and capture leopards and hyenas that have been attacking their livestock at night.

The wild animals are said to mostly target goats at night when the residents are sleeping during which they kill the livestock and only suck blood, leaving behind carcases.

Residents have resolved to keep night vigils to ensure that their animals are not attacked since the wild animals have developed a routine in their attacks.

“My goats were attacked yesterday night and the leopard killed five of them, two rams, two ewes and a lamb, and it’s not just only me but several homesteads have been attacked by leopards and hyenas,” said Kanyanju Njuguna one of the affected residents.

Njuguna  said that this was not the first time they were experiencing these kinds of attacks as leopards caused havoc in the area two months ago, with several farmers left counting loses.

”The wild animals injured one of my goats, killed a lamb and a goat, which was expectant with twins though the twins survived, I had to raise the two kids on milk,” said Joseph Mbatia, a Kagongo resident.

Security is also a concern for the people of Kagongo, who fear for their safety when returning home at the night. They also fear that their children who have to go to school very early in the morning could be attacked.

“Whenever one finds themselves late in returning home from work, they have to use bodaboda, children and milk vendors are also at risk,” added Mbatia.

The residents of Kagongo complained they have been neglected by the County Government since they lack a place to report incidences of attacks by wild animals.

They cited numerous challenges related to insecurity including stock theft, inadequate water supply and lack of electricity supply.

By  Francis Macharia/Desire Waithaka

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