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Raphael Wanjala Free for lack Evidence

 A Busia Court has set free Budalangi MP Hon Raphael Wanjala for lack of substantial evidence in a case in which the legislator was accused of inciting goons to attack a Cabinet Administrative Secretary during a visit in the area.

Busia Chief Magistrate Lucy Ambasi  freed the Member of parliament  along with four others citing lack of evidence and inconsistency of witnesses in the case in which  they were implicated in the planning and throwing stones to a helicopter which had former Budalangi Ababu Namwamba who had visited the constituency to inspect government projects in 2017.

           In her ruling Busia High Court Lucy Ambasi dismissed the case terming the evidence tabled before the court as inconsistent as the witnesses kept shifting their claims on the accused persons.

        Speaking to the press, accompanied by his supporters, he thanked the residents of Budalangi for their trust and support to him throughout the period of court trials.

            “I want to thank my lawyers for having exhaustively represented me in the court, and also I thank my supporters and people of Budalangi for standing for the truth,” said Wanjala.

            He challenged the former MP Ababu Namwamba not to rely on propaganda and stop funding chaos in the constituency. “We are respected people and some of the allegations we are being accused of we can’t relate with,” said Wanjala.

            The MP called upon the Budalangi residents to re-elect him when time comes as he is determined in improving the standards of the residents.

            “I am going back to continue serving my people and work together to ensure development and peace in my constituency,” MP Wanjala added that he has no resentment toward those who accused him

By Absalom Namwalo and Christine Sikolia

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