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Referendum is inevitable to implement BBI

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has expressed optimism that the recommendations of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) could sort out the evils bedeviling the country if the aspirations of all regions were fully implemented after a referendum.

Speaking in Mombasa last Saturday the ODM leader insisted that unity of the country was paramount and welcomed all Kenyans irrespective of their political affiliation to join the bandwagon of bringing all communities together.

During the coastal region BBI rally, Raila said his new found unity for the good of the nation with President Uhuru Kenyatta ensured that the political intolerance witnessed in the past will no longer happen.

Raila acknowledged that key resolutions presented during the coastal region meeting  was the land factor and absentee landlords  with locals insisting that titling of lands  was critical in settling  the land factor.

“Land is a factor of production and without it the region will forever lag behind and be poverty stricken,” said the former premier.

The opposition leader said the region’s natural resource which revolves around the blue economy will capitalize on the Indian Ocean waters.

Raila noted the BBI proposes creation of a Treasury that was Coastal-specific that will be based in Mombasa.

He reiterated that the leadership of former freedom fighter Ronald Ngala, who had a dream of regional governance, had been captured in the BBI report.Raila insisted that the proposed underground water tunnel at Likoni channel to address the challenges affecting residents at ferry crossing point will be sorted once and for all.


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