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Release devolved funds, Tational Treasury asked

The  National Treasury has been challenged to make sure that county governments are allocated adequate resources as little funds hampered  operations.

The  Marsabit County Governor,  Mahmud  Ali  termed the stalemate in the National Assembly concerning the recommended county allocations by the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) as not healthy for development.

Governor  Ali  said  in Heilu Manyatta ward in Moyale town on  Wednesday after officiating at a roads’ upgrading to bitumen standard project that Treasury should heed pleas by the Senate and governors and bring the stalemate to an end.

The  governor pointed out that rendering of services and implementation of development projects in the devolved sectors were on a slow pace because the financing is not enough and was always released late.

A t the same time, the governor asked the National Assembly to stop backing the stand of the National Treasury but instead play its oversight role effectively saying that was the only way the current stalemate could be resolved

The  governor  who  was accompanied by Marsabit Senator, Hargura  Godana called on those arbitrating in the standoff to end the stalemate without further delay to bring the suffering of wananchi across the country who lack some basic services to an end.

Senator  Godana  accused Parliament and the National Treasury of what he termed as a scheme to suppress devolution.

He  urged for quality construction works of the roads and compensation for pieces of land acquired to give room for construction.

The  Senator  pointed out that the law required that people affected by such initiatives be compensated justly and without delay.

The  Heilu Manyatta Ward MCA, John  Killo  said the national lands commission had carried out a survey and proposed that residents affected  by  the 4.5 kilometers of road being tarmacked be paid Sh.50 million which he however felt was not enough.

The  Marsabit  County  Assembly has already okayed payment of Sh.40 million with Mr. Kilo appealing to the government to consider raising  the  amount to the stated figure.

By  Sebastian  Miriti

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