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Rescued Witch Suspects Plead For Help

Witch suspects rescued from the wrath of the community members at Bamba, Kilifi County are pleading for help, citing lack of food, water and medical care.

The elderly persons who took refuge in one of the traditional reserved forests after they were sought to be killed are now lacking basic needs.

Emmanuel Katana, the Chairman of Kayagodoma, the rescue center where the suspects are sheltered in the forest, says they have been receiving help from different organizations and the County government of Kilifi but it has been long since they last received help.

“The problems we are facing here is lack of food to give these old people. There are concerned people, especially the devolved county government they know about this rescue center but they rarely bring food,” he said.

Kayagodoma Chairman, Emmanuel Katana (center) and the afflicted elderly people posing for a photo during a visit by reporters. Picture by Jackson Msanzu

Emmanuel added that they experience difficulty getting water since all the water pans around them have dried up.

“It is the dry season now and these old people cannot find water on their own.  Sometimes we officials are unable to buy some water for them so they go without water.”

Among the problems they are facing, Emmanuel revealed that the elderly people suffer from different diseases, some suffering chronic diseases that need doctor’s personal attention.

The Kaya elders are pleading for help from the county government, organizations and well-wishers to come out and help them take care of the afflicted old men and women.

Kayagodoma, which also serves as a rehabilitation center for elderly people, was started in 2008 and has saved more than 100 old people from being killed for suspected of causing harm to their community.

Cases of brutal killings for elderly persons are common in Kilifi County, with the move to rehabilitate them being one of the most effective ways to rescue and reconcile them to their families and the community at large.

By Jackson Msanzu


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