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Tenders for 90 Km road in Kiambaa sub-county opened

Kiambu county government has opened tenders for interested bidders to apply for the construction of 90 km Tenders for two roads in Kiambaa and Juja sub-counties.

The two roads measure 90km and 25km respectively are set to be upgraded to bitumen standard and the exercise is scheduled to begin in three months after the contract is awarded.

Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA) Director in Kiambu Engineer Joseph Mbugua told KNA during an interview at his office that the 90km road in Kiambaa was estimated to cost Sh 3.9 billion.

He said the bidding for tenders were opened on April 7th 2021 with a two weeks’ grace period notification for the interested contractors to respond within the 28 days and issue proof   that they were in a position to accomplish the projects.

He expressed optimism that the road was likely open up most of the areas in Kiambaa including public institutions and enable farmers take their produce to markets.

Mbugua said some of the trading centre the Kiambaa roadworks will traverse include Nduota, Muchatha-Kaiyaba-power-Karura-Kihara loop, Gachie-Gacharage, Kiambu-Raini, Kantaria (ACME)-Raphaelites-Kabuku, Gitangu-Kwa Henry, Universal-Kaimba, Manjiri-Railway crossing, Ngecha-Rironi roads.

However, the 25 km road Juja road is expected to cover-Juja farm through Munyu junction up to the Garissa Highway

The Kiambaa-Nduota road will join a 1.7 km road being constructed by the County Government of Kiambu and begins from Post office in Kiambu town via Indian bazaar to Red Nova.

The road was launched in early February 2021 by Governor of Kiambu Dr. James Nyoro who stressed on the need for the local contractors to use local youth in their project rather than import labour from elsewhere.

The road is part of the development agenda that had been initiated by Kiambaa Member of Parliament Paul Koinange before he passed on last month.

Mbugua at the same time took the opportunity to further inform contractors that successful bidders will have at least 28 days to do his mobilization after receiving an upfront payment of at least 10 percent of the total cost of the contract to facilitate his work.

He asked interested contractors to visit the KERRA website and view the specification of the requirements so that they can apply for the job

By Lydia Shiloya


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