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Residents abandon homes due to quarry activities

Residents of Nyamonema near a quarry located at the intersection of Kisii Central, Nyamache and Kisii South sub counties have been forced out of their homes after the quarry blasts caused cracks in their houses.
The quarry has been a source of friction between the owners and the local community for a long time and they have now appealed to leaders to intervene so that they can be able to take precautionary measures against Covid 19.
They claimed expectant mothers had experienced still births, houses developed cracks or damaged by loud blasts that caused tremors on the hilly land.
They further claimed, compensation from owners of the quarry, excavating for construction materials was wanting.
According to the residents, assessment for compensation was either skewed, dismal or sometimes not forthcoming.
They petitioned the two levels of government to intervene and save their lives and property from being jeopardized by the mining activities at the quarry.
The residents had previously complained, prompting officials from the Ministry of Mining to visit the area. They had promised to regulate the quarry activities with a view to minimizing the destruction caused.
Bonchari Member of Parliament Oroo Oyioka claimed that recently a strong dynamite was used in blasting at the quarry, which damaged iron sheets of houses belonging to the residents.
He asked the quarry owners to compensate the residents with other iron sheets and also employ more of the locals at the quarry.
By Clinton Nyamumbo and Jane Naitore

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