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Residents cautioned over fire accidents 

Kenyans have been cautioned to purchase cooking gas from legitimate merchants to avoid fire accidents attributed to the use of substandard products.

Head of the fire brigade in Kirinyaga County Shunjaa John Kiama urged residents to avoid buying their gas from local vendors, especially during this festive season when some unscrupulous traders may take advantage of the increase in demand to penetrate the market.

He said preliminary reports into the case indicated that at least 80 % of the fire accidents occurred in the kitchen due to the quality of gases in the local market and urged residents.

“My call to Kenyans is to be careful during the fire outbreak in their houses by calling the fire expert to prevent more damage and save lives and property,” he said.

Shunjaa Kiama faulted the backdoor gas dealers for exposing unsuspecting customers to risks warning that the law would catch up with them if they failed to register with the fire department and energy regulations authority.

He insisted sure the business has the safety measures required, saying these businesses are the main cause of the increase in fire accidents.

“As Kenyans, let’s avoid cheap things, especially gas burners, which have been shown to contribute the most in causing gas leakage in our homes. Also, these gas cylinders, which do not have clear trademarks from the origin company, should be avoided for our safety,” he said.

He also called on the national government bodies responsible for protecting Kenyans to be vigilant against traders who are taking advantage of Kenyans and selling substandard equipment, which is causing big losses to Kenyans and their properties.

Tenant Wambui Nyaga from Karia Kirinyaga central constituency, Kirinyaga county, described what transpired after her house caught fire due to a gas cylinder leak that occurred while she was making breakfast and damaged her kitchen.

She purchased the gas cylinder on Monday, but it had a minor leak, so she returned it to its original location on Tuesday but did not connect it to use it. On Wednesday morning, when she was preparing her breakfast and doing her day’s activities, the gas started leaking, leading to an explosion.

“This has been a big loss to me since it was just yesterday when I purchased the gas cylinder, and now it has caused me this big loss. I bought my cylinder as I have been buying them for the past years, and I have never seen it again,” she said.

Jane Njeri, the owner of the houses Rose had rented, explained how they had heard a lot of noise coming from the Rose compound, and when she came to check, they found that there was a fire in her kitchen. They tried to assist in putting out the fire using sand and water, but they were unable to do so.

“We tried our best to put off the fire, but it was getting difficult, and that was when we called the firefighter brigade from Kerugoya, who responded very fast and put off the fire.” She explained

Njeri called on the government to be vigilant at the upcoming gas stations within the villages and make sure that they sell standard gas.

“We have seen people being burned to death by gas cylinder explosions. Let the bodies responsible for protection do their job, and we will scrabble those behind this business,” she said.

By David Wandeto

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