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Residents demand long lasting solution

Central Imenti Member of Parliament, Moses Kirima has assured his constituents that he was committed to pursuing the process of solving land issues once and for all.
Speaking to the public at Kiamuri village, the legislator regretted that Kiagu adjudication section works had taken too long to be finalized.
Kirima said he had mobilised other players in lobbying for the implementation of Ogongo Commission recommendations.
Kirima admitted that land issues were emotive in the society hence the need for every resident to be issued with the relevant and valid land ownership documents so as to motivate people into engaging in productive activities for development.
The legislator concurred with the residents that nobody had the courage to embark on any serious investments on land parcels they presume to own for fear of losing resources in case of an eventual eviction to other areas.
‘I agree that issuance of Title Deeds to Kiagu residents is long overdue and I commit to ensure the problem is solved once and for all to the convenience of everybody,” Kirima said.
Kirima appealed for patience on land issues adding that some leaders were only taking advantage of the prevailing situation to fuel boarder disputes to hinder progress into a lasting solution.
He urged the public to ignore those cherishing divisive propaganda and support right thinking leaders towards making land issues part of forgotten history.
The legislator challenged residents to shun the culture of entertaining logging in Kiagu forest which was government property saying it should be conserved and protected under the supervision of the County Conservation and Forest Services departments.
Kirima further urged residents to embrace the culture of establishing tree plots in their farms and community space for domestic and commercial use instead of destroying vegetation in government restricted forests and hills which was an offence punishable by law.
By Makaa Margaret

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