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Residents urged to move to higher grounds

Families  residing in floods prone areas in Homa Bay County have been told to move to higher grounds to avoid flash floods and possible deaths following the heavy rains being witnessed in the region.

The  Homa Bay County Commissioner (CC), Harman  Shambi has reiterated that some parts of the region might experience floods in the coming days due to the ongoing heavy downpours.

Shambi  added that families living around river Miriu in Rachuonyo North Sub County and River Kuja in Ndhiwa Sub County should take early precautionary measures and move to higher grounds to avoid danger associated with the floods.

Speaking to KNA in his office, Shambi stated that the meteorological department had issued an alert earlier that low areas in Homa Bay County will witness floods hence residents in such places should move to their relative’s homes in higher grounds to avoid floods.

The  County boss further said that they have started receiving cases of destruction by flooding water in flood prone areas in Rachuonyo North, Suba and Ndhiwa Sub County.

At  the same time, Shambi revealed that about three houses were destroyed by floods at Kogola village, Kanam B Location following heavy rains which were witnessed in the region over the weekend.

The  administrator also mentioned parts of Ndhiwa, Lambwe in Suba South constituency as some of the areas prone to flooding during the heavy rains, he appealed to deferent organizations to sensitize communities to be alert to avoid danger promoted by floods.

By  Naomi Wandede /Davis Langat

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