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Residents want protocols upgraded in ATM booths

Customers using ATM services to access financial services in Meru want more health protocols upgraded in the money dispensing booths saying they feared transacting money owing to inadequate safety conditions.


A section of the customers in Makutano Shopping centre said they feared withdrawing their money using the machines since most of them were so much enclosed hence posing a risk of contraction of coronavirus in case someone with the disease had earlier visited the booths.


They are appealing to the concerned authorities to consider reconstructing the booths by keeping the doors open or having sufficient air circulation.


They noted that though the booths have dispensers with sanitisers, which was not so foolproof because the small cubicles have insufficient air circulation.


Those who spoke to KNA said they would wish that routine fumigations drives should be carried out in the booths after every time for utmost health safety.


“Now that it has become common knowledge that Covid-19 is within our communities, more stringent measures should be heightened in places where people visit regularly.  It is only those who enter inside the banks that have their temperatures are measured and not those accessing services through services,” stated Henry Mutuma a resident.


Meru Town and Makutano Shopping centre which are within 2kms radius have over ten ATM services.


Mutuma said many people were opting for mobile money transfer agents since they were located in premises where there was adequate air circulation.


“This disease has created a lot of fear among us such that we assess every place we  seek for services. I wonder seeing some people failing to adorn their facemasks as recommended by our health experts especially after lockdowns were lifted,” regretted the resident.


The customers have urged fellow residents not to relent in abiding with the Ministry of Health protocols since the number of Covid-19 positive cases continued to increase.


They expressed regrets that some Kenyans wanted to be forced by security agencies to abide by the health regulations even after the Ministry of Health continues making appeals for taking individual caution to avoid contracting the virus.




By Richard Muhambe


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