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Role of Nyumba Kumi in the Census Exercise

Nyumba Kumi has played a starring role in the on-going census exercise in Nakuru County by ensuring enumerators are escorted and assisted in accessing various homes.

Various chiefs who were interviewed on Tuesday by KNA said the exercise has moved smoothly due to the collaboration of the Nyumba Kumi wazees who have guaranteed right of entry to various homes.

The  Viwanda Chief, Joel  Atuti said a number of enumerators had covered three quarters of the houses, they were allocated and he also praised cooperation of wananchi who are ready to be enumerated.

“My phone has not stopped ringing since we started this exercise because a number of people in my area are not only willing to be counted but they are enthusiastic. Some are even requesting to be counted after the allocated hours,” he said.

The Kaptembwo Chief, John Koskei  also attributed the fast and incident-free movement of the exercise to the assistance they are getting from Nyumba Kumi. Other chiefs within the town and rural areas were also full of praise of the Nyumba Kumi cluster.

James Chege, one of the Nyumba Kumi wazees in Afurah location said they were eager to assist the enumerators because they are well informed on the vital role the census exercise plays in resource allocation.

Chege said in the past there was a lot of propaganda around the exercise but we are enlightened on how it assists the government to plan and to know our needs in terms of housing, infrastructure and other social amenities.

He commended the Nakuru residents for making their work and enumerators effortless and appealed to them to ensure that all their family, neighbours and friends were counted.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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