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Rotary international to fund Sh10million water project

The war against water borne diseases in Ugunja Sub County has received a boost from the Rotary International that has pledged to fund a Sh10 million water project at Yombra village in Simenya.

According to the Rotary club of Kisumu central, more than 3,000 households are set to benefit from the project whose construction kicks off next week.

The secretary of the club, Mr. Tarimo Joel who addressed the media after a meeting with the Yombra village community said that Rotary International’s intervention was necessitated by a plea by the elderly women in the area, who are forced to trek long distances to the sole water point that serves several villages.

“Three years ago, we came here and we were moved by the old women who were crying of challenges they have been facing in search of water,” said Tarimo.

Kisumu central Rotary club treasurer, John Kwaka said they have already engaged a contractor and made down payment.

Kwaka said that the contractor will be on site next week and called for support from the villagers to enable the work be completed on time.

Villagers, led by Jared Apodo welcomed the project, saying that it will help reduce increased incidents of water borne diseases.

“Typhoid and other waterborne diseases are very rampant here,” said Apodo, adding that this is because the villagers rely on an unprotected spring for their water needs.

Apodo said that the spring that also serves other villages, dries up during the dry seasons.

Simenya assistant chief, Edmund Dola welcomed the project and hailed the Rotary International for its commitment to improve lives of the needy.

By Philip Onyango 

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