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Security Teams Urged to Work with the Public to Address Insecurity

Kisii County Commissioner, Tom Anjere has instructed the sub-county security committees to hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss security concerns and devise strategies for tackling them effectively.

Speaking to the press at the Kisii Cultural Hall in Kisii town, Anjere urged the security teams at the sub-county level to engage the public during the meetings and educate them on the importance of maintaining peace in the community.

The CC said the public gatherings will allow the security agencies to respond to the needs of the public directly and foster a sense of responsibility among the residents.

He pointed out the need to improve the presence of police officers during night patrols in the respective sub-counties to enhance security.

Anjere noted that the distribution of illicit brew was fueling insecurity in the county adding that the county security committee had made a collective decision to combat this problem by devising measures to counter the illegal trade.

The CC warned that police officers found aiding the distribution of illicit brew would be subjected to legal consequences.

Further, he encouraged the sub-county teams to involve leaders from the boda boda sector during the meetings to facilitate discussions on self-help initiatives and maintaining peace within their respective areas.

Anjere told the committee to caution the boda boda operators against engaging in activities that hinder the development of the nation.

By Ongwae Julius

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