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Senate to deepen collaboration with independent offices to spearhead devolution

The Senate has embarked on a move to enhance and deepen collaboration with Constitutional Commissions and Independent offices for successful implementation of devolution processes.

The Speaker of the Senate Amason Kingi said the house remains committed to nurturing, promoting and protecting devolution and to work with commissions and independent offices at all times for successful outcomes.

Speaking during a joint retreat for the Senate, Commissions and Independent Offices in Mombasa, Kingi said that the parliament recognizes them as key actors in complementing the Senate’s role in effectively discharging its overall constitutional mandate.

He noted that, in their respective capacity, most of the institutions have a direct role in implementation of devolution processes. They variously influence county budget-making processes by determining parameters for resource allocation, authorize disbursements to counties, oversee prudent use of the allocated resources, entrench good governance, accountability and transparency and enforce observance of the rule of law by county governments.

“We must appreciate the fact that with time we have seen them seal loopholes routinely exploited to perpetuate corruption in counties, effectively curtailing misuse of public funds. This forum will accord senators the opportunity to engage with the key agencies as they play their role of advancing democratic governance and nationhood,” said Kingi.

Kingi urged all the players in devolution to work together to achieve their goals towards devolution.

He said there has been ample time to experiment devolution in the last one decade thus stressing on the players to put more effort and do things better.

He said the allocation of funds to counties and the timetable for disbursement has over the years stood out as a sore thumb in the senate’s commitment to ensure counties are adequately facilitated to deliver their mandate thus urging the players to make improvements that will entrench devolved governance further for the benefits of Kenyans.

“Where necessary we must take steps to strengthen and boost the capacity of all institutions operating in the devolution space, more so the Office of the Auditor-General, the Controller of Budget and the Commission on Revenue Allocation,” he said.

Kingi said he is confident that the 4th senate will work closely with the relevant offices to ensure audits are undertaken expeditiously and reports submitted promptly for use in formulating budgets and where necessary recalibrate resource allocation mechanism to ensure that counties get adequate funds and in good time.

He further challenged the commissions and independent offices to accord reports and recommendations that periodically emanate from the Senate and Senate committee’s critical consideration and act on them expeditiously.

“Effective implementation of the reports will not only help us all respond effectively to prevailing bottlenecks but also enhance your assertiveness and efficiency in your respective operational niches,” added Kingi.

He promised the independent offices and commissions of the senate’s support to enable them discharge their mandate effectively and overcome operational challenges that may be encountered from time to time.

By Chari Suche 



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