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Stakeholders raises public awareness on road safety to reduce accidents & traffic offenses

The Milimani Traffic Court, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has conducted a traffic sensitization exercise to reduce accidents and traffic offenses among road users.

The objective of the event is to foster awareness of traffic rules and regulations and illuminate the court procedures that underpin the legal framework for road safety.

Chief Justice (CJ) Martha Koome said that the collaboration with the court’s stakeholders is a testament to the dynamic spirit and commitment of the court users Committee at the Millimani Criminal Chief Magistrate court. “We stand united with a convergence of minds and hearts that aims at forging suitable solutions to the challenges besetting the traffic sector,” maintained Koome.

She said that the event is an open declaration of the magistrate’s vision to create a safer, more responsible and law-abiding society.

In a speech read on her behalf by the Milimani Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi, Koome observed that the initiative reflects not only the dedication of judicial officers and court administration but also the invaluable contribution of each stakeholder involved in the noble cause.

The CJ emphasized the exercise as an educational initiative aimed at equipping road users with the necessary knowledge for safe and responsible road navigation. The speaker urged citizens and stakeholders to remember, support, and act on the theme of ‘Remember, Support, and Act’ to honor the lives of those affected by road closures.

“Let’s support one another through education, enforcement of law, initiatives that promote road safety, understanding and compassion, and acknowledge that each of the people has a role to play and make contributions,” advised Koome.She noted Action requires remembrance and support from citizens and stakeholders to transform intentions into reality, creating a safer road environment for future generations.

Koome at the same time encouraged citizens to develop a common purpose by not keeping quiet when they see anyone violating traffic rules and regulations through an initiative ‘Tuajibike barabarani na tusikimye tukiona ukaidi wa sheria’.

Further, the CJ revealed that the Magistrate court is working under the auspices of the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) and has put in place NCAJ Traffic Committee chaired by the Director of Public Prosecutions to operationalize on the instant Traffic Fine Reforms which will transform the criminal Justice System yet to be implemented. “Let us carry the lessons learnt into our daily lives and be accountable for all the participants on the road,” she rallied.

Speaking at the event, the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) representative Duncan Kibogon disclosed that 1.35 million persons lose their lives through road accidents yearly, citing 3,500 lives being claimed every day according to NTSA records.

He reiterated that road accidents can be reduced by ensuring that all persons adhere to road policies and regulations, adding that road safety is a responsibility not only for the government and NTSA but for all citizens.

In his remarks, National Agency for the Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA) representative Patrick Obura urged drivers to avoid the use of substances and alcohol while driving in order to prevent road accidents and for passengers to be ambassadors of their own by not accepting to be driven by a drunk driver.

By Sharon Atieno and Florence Munyoki

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