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Stalled water project to be revived

Members of Naari/Nturukume water project in Buuri sub-county, Meru County are a happy lot after a good Samaritan came to their rescue and revived the project that had stalled over the last 20 years.

The water project that was expected to serve Naari and Maitei locations had stalled after members failed to raise enough funds to buy water pipes and other materials that would have ensured every member was connected.

Led by the project Chairman Mr Japhet Marangu, the members received water pipes from Kailemia Foundation through its Director Mrs Elizabeth Karambu Kailemia that will enable them to connect water to the remaining members’ homesteads.

Mrs Kailemia who spoke during the event said she was ready to support the project even on other issues to ensure that all the members were connected to water that can be used for irrigation and domestic purposes.

“I was approached by the members of this group some of them women and as a woman, I know the problems we face if we don’t have access to water in our homesteads. I resolved to come to their rescue and will help them to the end,” said Mrs Kailemia.

She added that the availability of water will change the economic status of the members in the two locations considering that the area has good soil for irrigation.

“Very soon we will expect to get many potatoes and cabbages from this area and this will empower the people in this region economically,” said Mrs Kailemia.

She called on well-wishers and business people in the county to chip in and help the county government to eliminate the issue of water shortage especially in Buuri, Tigania East and West, Igembe Central, and Igembe North sub-counties.

Mr Marangu, the project chairman lauded the foundation adding that they will now have a chance to exhaust their potential in farming in order to have the financial strength to support their families.

“In the next one year, we will be producing potatoes and cabbages for sale and we promise to work hard to realise the value of this initiative,” said Mr Marangu.

By Dickson Mwiti

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