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State to Vaccinate 20,000 People Daily

The government has so far vaccinated 64,100 persons and the last two days has had an average of 10,000 COVID 19 vaccinations administered.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Mercy Mwangangi has said that over the next two weeks the government aims to be vaccinating over 20,000 people per day.

Giving the Covid-19 situation in the country Wednesday, the CAS noted that since the Vaccines arrived in the country, there has been a lot of enthusiasm from the wider members of the public who have turned up for vaccination.

“Many of these are not in the priority list of the ongoing phase of vaccination and hence threaten to present a challenge to our deployment plan. We advise all members of the society not eligible for vaccination in the first phase to await their turn the moment we receive adequate doses. When their time comes, we shall announce the same accordingly,” she insisted.

She said that the Government is ready to collaborate with all stakeholders with regard to the provision and deployment of vaccines for the sake of our people

“We have already made it clear that we are ready to accept any vaccines and not just the Astrazeneca which is currently in use, but this must follow all the laid down rules for approval both locally and globally,” Mwangangi said.

Any vaccine distributed in the country, she added must have Emergency Use Authorization from a Stringent Regulatory Agency including WHO and such a vaccine must also be registered for emergency use locally by our own Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

She noted reports about the arrival of the Russian Sputnik V vaccines in the country and also know a technical agreement stipulating the responsibilities of all the parties involved in the distribution and is yet to be submitted to the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

“What this means is that the vaccine has therefore not received all the necessary regulatory approvals for use in the country. No vaccines are available for sale in the country as none has received market authorization,” she said.

All vaccines in the country as of now, she added are available for free to eligible members of the society at all designated vaccination facilities.

“We also intend to partner with the private sector but stringently regulate them. Eventually all vaccines that meet our regulatory requirements will be in use in Kenya,” the CAS confirmed.

Mwangangi thanked officers across the country who are rolling out the vaccination programme which started at the national referral facilities and later moved to the County referral facilities and now cascading further down to sub county facilities.

“The management process is being undertaken by County and Sub-county health management teams and the plan remains on course and is supported by an extremely robust IT system that is assisting with the capturing of data on all vaccinations taking place,” Mwangangi said.

The Phase one that is ongoing has prioritized frontline workers who include those in the health sector, teachers and staff working in institutions of learning, members of the disciplined forces who include the military and police.

   By Wangari Ndirangu

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