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Street lights transform Sakas village

Residents of Sakas village within Kapenguria Town are relieved lot owing to security enhancement brought about by the street lights installed along the Sakas road which used to be a dangerous one previously.

They said the area was a hotspot for muggings and people used to avoid the village for fear of being attacked by unknown thugs before the implementation of the street lighting programme.

“You can now walk confidently from the busy Makutano shopping centre to your residence in Sakas owing to the street lights. Even bodaboda riders feared transporting their clients using the route because they would be attacked,” stated Andrew Kiprop.

Kiprop noted that the illumination of the street leading to the village has immensely transformed the area, attracting many real estate investors.

He expressed optimism that very soon the area will turn into a 24-hour economy because residents can run their businesses safely.

The residents added that the tarmacking of the road a few years ago further transformed the village with many people preferring to reside in the area.

“Sakas is going to be one of the coveted estates within Kapenguria Municipality because of the guaranteed security and the tarmac road. Many people prefer staying in estates that are easily accessible to the road and secure,” added Kiprop.

The village has also become a safer residence for Kenya Medical Training College students owing to the availability of affordable housing units.

“The land value has shot up drastically due to the improved security,” a resident claimed.

By Richard Muhambe

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