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Surrender Id and sim cards upon death, says DDC

Rachuonyo South Sub County Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Mohamud Ibrahim has asked Residents to surrender national identification cards and sim cards of dead persons to the authorities concerned for action.

The Commissioner said this would guard against the documents getting into the hands of wrong people who might use them to breach security and harm others or commit fraud.

“In case of death, surrender the IDs to the relevant state department to be issued with a death certificate,” the DCC said on Monday.

He said if the ID gets into the hand of people with ill intention, it could be misused to harm innocent people or even be used by a criminal to commit crime or even to facilitate terrorism.

“Or they can be used to register for sim cards to transfer money from criminal proceeds or to facilitate criminal activities,” he said.

The administrator said even mobile numbers of dead person or any person must be declared so that it is not misused by people with bad intention to harm or facilitate crime.

“Please, if somebody has died and had a phone, it is wise to declare it to the concerned authorities- Safaricom, Airtel or Telkom -to deregister it or to assign somebody else as appropriate,” Ibrahim said.

He said matters security are very important for any meaningful development to take place saying the government would do all within its power to protect its citizen and their properties.

“But you have also to know that the government does not have the capacity to provide a body guard to every single citizen. There is no government in the world that has that capacity,” he said adding that what is needed is the good will and support from the public so that security matters were streamlined.

The DCC who was addressing residents during a public Baraza at Nyalenda chief’s camp asked the residents to help in security matters by first being law abiding citizens, make effort to secure themselves first, share information and report on any person or youth who has disappeared from the community without trace.

“We must also make effort to secure ourselves as individuals; for example if you are a business person and you don’t have a watchman, no security lights, the door is in bad shape, no fence –people will steal from you. You will lose your wealth,” he said adding “security start with you.”
At the same time, he called on the youth to join technical and vocational training institutions (TVET) in the sub county which he said were underutilized to learn a skill that could help them sustain their families for a life time instead of running to boda boda sector as the only option available to earn a living.

“Getting a skill like in carpentry, masonry, welding and motor vehicle mechanic will be more viable,” he said adding that the government is still opening more TVET institutes seen as important to drive the big for agenda especially in affordable housing and manufacturing.

By Moseti Julius

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