Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Water company workers stage protest

Workers of Bomet County Water Company on Tuesday staged a protest against the company’s leadership for terminating the contract of 72 workers whose contract had expired.

Led by the Assistant Secretary General of Kenya Water Company Workers Union Bomet County branch Felix Koech, the workers wanted their colleagues to be reinstated saying their time to be confirmed was ripe.

“We have addressed the matter with the Managing Director Water Company Bomet branch and he has promised to work on the issues we raised and hope it will be fruitful,” Mr. Koech said.

He warned that if in any case the company failed to act as per the agreement, they would stage another demo to force the company to do so.

“We have given them time to do what is necessary and should they fail to reinstate them, we are going to demonstrate and it will be worse,” he warned.

Meanwhile, the residents of the county were perplexed by the protest saying it was a shock to hear them say they wanted their colleagues’ contracts renewed yet they had not done anything.

They argued that the workers were running up and down looking for unpaid dues and when they were asked for water, for which the residents had paid, they say the person who was in charge had been transferred.

A resident, Nicholas Yegon said Water Company should reduce the number of workers and employ only those who were competent to do the job.

He argued that the water price has been hiked up to a point 20 litres of water cost Sh30 from the usual Sh5.
By Joseph Obwocha

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