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Taskforce in Trans Nzoia to carry out accounts audit

Trans Nzoia Govenor George Natembeya has constituted a taskforce to carry out a forensic audit into the county books of accounts and the human resource registers.

The task force which was gazetted on 21st October 2022 constitutes 7 members whose task is to peruse the authenticity of the pending bills and flag out those found with questionable transactions.

He said that the taskforce would advise, verify and guide on the settlement of genuine pending bills before payment is done and undertake audit of human resource and staff establishment to weed out possible ‘Ghost workers’.

He dismissed claims from some quarters to the effect that his new administration was deliberately reluctant to clear bills accrued by the previous regime insisting that genuine bills will be paid once verified.

“There is a notion that my government is not willing to pay the bills, which is not true. All bills will be paid once the committee is through with verification,” he retorted.

He further stated that the committee would be independent and was expected to submit a comprehensive report within a period of 30 days.

By kosuri Valarie

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