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Tata Chemicals Magadi procures community water bowser

Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited has purchased a new water bowser to provide water to the local community residents in Magadi.

The water bowser has a capacity of 13,600 litres, which the company uses to distribute across 42 water points in Magadi Division.

The beneficiaries from the four group ranches of Olkiramatian, Shompole, Okleri and Oldonyo Nyokie, will benefit from this initiative. They include 21 schools, 7 dispensaries and community water points for domestic use and livestock.

This water is treated and distributed daily according to the schedule agreed with the community leaders.

Mr Subodh Srivastav, currently the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tata Chemicals, Magadi., expressed that the new water bowser would increase the capacity and improve efficiency of water supply, noting that the new vehicle was of advanced capacity and will access the difficult terrain, hence ensure better water provision.

The company has over the years supported over 30, 000 residents from the local community for daily provision, through the intake pipelines from Oloibortoro and Sampu.

Local community leadership, thanked the company for the many years of support to the residents. Mr. Daniel Nchui, the chairman of the group ranches, echoed that the new water bowser would improve water distribution in the area.

Magadi division is geographically located in a semi-arid area and most of the livelihoods are supported by the company for over 100 years.

Other areas of support include medical services at Magadi Soda Hospital which is a level four referral facility, education through various university and secondary school scholarships, women empowerment projects and infrastructure through rail transportation and opening up and grading of several roads.

By Catherine Muindi

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