Teachers in Embu declare war on FGM

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Teachers in Mbeere have declared war on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early forced marriages to retain girls in school.

The move follows a surge in FGM cases in the area where many girls undergo the cut during school holidays while others get married off thus failing to resume learning.

Under the umbrella of Beacon Teachers Africa, the tutors want to use their numerical strength and distribution in almost every village in the area to wage war on the retrogressive practice.

They argued that the practice was robbing young girls who have fallen prey to the vice of their dignity and their future career dreams.

The organization’s CEO Dr. Joan Mwende said they will train the children and the community on the need to report cases of FGM or any such intended move for action to be taken against perpetrators.

Speaking after a consultative meeting in Makima area, Ms. Mwende noted that the community bears the biggest role in the fight against the vice and as such there was a need for every individual to take part in the fight to bring the notorious practice to an end.

“As beacon teachers we shall work with the locals’ community to address cases of FGM, we cannot keep quiet when these cases are still there, “she said.

She further stated that the practice was being carried out alongside teen marriages which she termed as a big challenge to the education of girls in the area.

Apostle Faith Wairimu who is the president of the organization said that teachers will play a critical role in inculcating knowledge among the community on the dangers of FGM.

She noted that children who have undergone FGM suffer lasting trauma and health complications such as infections and complications in childbirth.

By Samuel Waititu

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