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Tension high in Mandera after killing of herder.

Tension is high in Mandera following the murder of a herder in Arungu area in Lafey sub county.

Mandera political leaders have condemned the killing and termed it an act of cowardice.

Led by Mandera Governor Ali Roba, the local leaders asked area communities to be calm and give security agents space to investigate the incident.

Roba said the speed with which security agents deal with the incident will prevent counter revenge.

“The swiftness with which an incident when it happens is responded to will determine the trajectory of a conflict,” said Roba.

He said security agents in the past have dragged their feet in investigating matters dealing with such killings leading to escalation of fighting.

Area MCAs urged the government to take action against social media users who propagate hate among residents.

Mandera County Assembly Leader of Majority Abdi area asked the government to arrest social media violence inciters to curb escalation of the killing.

The herder is believed to have been looking for his lost goats when he was attacked by unknown people.

The local leaders have said the incident is a criminal act and residents should not make it look like it as clan or family fight.


By Charles Matacho

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