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Toileting made easy for handicapped, elderly and bed-ridden patients

A private company in Kiambu has come up with a unique toilet that is specifically modified to benefit the elderly, disabled and the bed-ridden patients in the society.

The innovation which was unveiled by Tyana Rafiki Toilets recently during the mini agricultural show organized by a local TV station in conjunction with the County Government of Kiambu at the Githunguri stadium, targets individuals who have extreme difficulty while using ordinary toilets and latrines, or are completely unable to take themselves to the facility without assistance.

“Imagine people who cannot be able to use the pit latrine due to old age or some form of disability? I know of others whose latrines are fitted with ropes so that they can support themselves while handling their “business.” For such people, this product can be of great relief to them since it has friendly features that can make one “handle his/ her business” more comfortably at any place and at any time,” Joseph Karungu of Tyana Rafiki toilet told KNA during the event.

The specialized toilet has two parts, made of plastic. One is the outer region which resembles normal toilet bowl, and the other part is a green colored base inside the bowl and is what will hold the feaces. Moreover, the parts can be separated to facilitate disposal of the waste products and cleaning so as to maintain cleanliness.

Despite being made from plastic, Mr. Karungu demonstrated that the product is still able to hold the weight of a person because it has a reinforced plastic shell. Moreover, the product is barely 40 centimeters high, only weighs 3 kilograms and is not fixed to the earth base, thus making it mobile.

According to Mr. Karungu, despite the product being made in China, their company came up with the original concept design but was unable to delve into mass production due to the huge costs.

During the show, many people especially the elderly expressed their interest in the toilet costing Sh4, 500. The family of 77 year old Elijah Kihara was so happy to find the toilet aiding garget that they purchased one for their kin.

“With this I can be able to do my business at the comfort of my room instead of walking several meters just to get to the latrine. Sometimes the latrine itself becomes unreachable especially during the muddy season and this makes me use the house bucket which is very uncomfortable,” Mr. Kihara told KNA.

By  Kingsley Wanjohi

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