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Tone down divisive politics, clergy tells leaders

A group of clergy from Embu County have urged leaders to tone down their speeches to avoid creating division in the country.

The leaders led by Bishop Moses Masamba of the Anglican Church of Kenya (A.C.K) Mbeere Diocese called on leaders in Kenya to avoid expressing some sentiments as they are meant to incite and create division among the citizens.

The Bishop urged the leaders in Kenya to mind about each other and uphold maximum respect for one another for peaceful coexistence.

He also urged the Kenya Kwanza Government to see to it that it ends the standoff that is being experienced in the country because it is affecting the economy.

He also said that the standoff is affecting the education sector in Kenya, especially schools that are located in towns where mass actions have been happening.

The Mbeere Diocese Bishop called on the Kenya Kwanza administration and the opposition to focus on how they can reach a lasting solution through talks rather than putting the country in a standoff.

He urged leaders not to focus on vengeance but rather on uniting Kenyans and building the economy of the country.

Masamba also implored the Kenyan leaders to forgive each other and find a way of how they can work together for the progress of the country.

The Bishop also urged Kenyan leaders to find a way to unite the country so that citizens can enjoy peace.

Masamba further urged the Governor of Embu Cecily Mbarire to find a lasting solution to the water problem that has been facing Mbeere North and South.

By Justus Anzaya

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