Town cleaners provided with protective gear against coronavirus

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Marsabit  town cleaners have benefited from equipment issued by the county government to assist them protect themselves against covid-19.

The 160 workers, charged with the responsibility of collecting refuse and garbage were targeted in order to make their  working environment more safer, said Governor Mohamud Ali.

Ali  presented the workers with face masks, sanitizers, gloves, thermo-guns, gumboots, detergents and spray pumps among other gadgets, procured through the department of environment and urban development.

The  governor underscored the importance of protective gear, which he said would help the workers to protect themselves against the danger of contracting the deadly virus.

He  also asked area residents to continue being vigilant by observing social distancing, sanitizing, avoiding unnecessary travel and movements as well as observing personal hygiene.

The governor particularly called for proper disposal of used face masks to ensure that they are not reused thereby endangering lives.

Ali cautioned that if not properly disposed the used masks could spread the pandemic among residents.

“I call upon Marsabit residents to ensure that they properly dispose of the used face masks for the safety of all us and a clean environment,” he said.

The employees, through their leader, Barako Galma thanked the county government for the kind gesture saying it was a true manifestation that the devolved unit cares about the welfare of its workers.

By  Sebastian Miriti

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