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TSC chairperson warns teachers against using corporal punishment

The  Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Chairperson, Dr. Lydia Nzomo has warned teachers against subjecting learners to corporal punishment.

Dr. Nzomo  said corporal punishment had been outlawed and asked teachers to stop using the punishment in schools.

“Corporal punishment is outlawed in the laws of this land starting with the constitution, the Children Act and the Basic Education Act, we must be able to prevent it as much as possible,” she said.

Speaking  on Monday at Makueni Boys during a stakeholders forum the TSC Chairperson urged teachers to be at the forefront in protecting learners against any form of harassment or violence.

‘‘We want teachers to protect learners and work more at preventing harassment of students, it is usually unpleasant and time-consuming when we sit to listen to indiscipline cases about teachers,’’ added Dr. Nzomo.

On understaffing, the TSC chairperson said the commission was trying to source funds from the government to employ more teachers and curb the acute shortage.

She added that the country had enough trained teachers but funding was the major challenge.

“As TSC we have registered more than 200,000 and the shortage is less than the unemployed teachers, however, we are trying to come up with innovative ways to ensure that with the little funding we get from the government we hire teachers,” noted Dr. Nzomo.

She allayed fears that the commission was out to punish teachers through massive transfers, saying TSC wants the best for the teachers.

“We have no intention as TSC to punish teachers, anything that we do is for the good of the teachers,” noted the commission chairperson.

By  Roselyne  Kavoo

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