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Turkana County urged to prioritise renewable sources in County Energy Bill

Members of the public in Lorugum, Loima sub county of Turkana County have called for sustainable solutions that prioritise renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

The residents were speaking during the inaugural public participation meeting of the County Energy Bill.

Chief Officer for Energy Triza Amoni said the exercise was in line with the constitutional requirements for inclusive planning of public affairs.

She said the County government had commenced the public participation of the bill to develop an all-inclusive energy regulation for Turkana.

The move signifies a boost to the local energy sector as the County Government’s efforts in promoting the use of renewable energy, the formation of an energy planning committee formation and the establishment of the County Energy Fund will be streamlined.

“The public views collected will be analysed and input into the document to make the Bill much better,” said Chief Officer Amoni.

The participants emphasised the need for equitable access to energy services across the county, particularly in remote and marginalised areas.

They also shared the environmental impact of energy projects and the need for sustainable solutions that prioritise renewable sources such as solar and wind power.

Additionally, the participants shared their views on the benefit-sharing schemes with residents advocating for mechanisms to ensure that local communities benefit from energy projects through employment opportunities, revenue sharing, and infrastructure development.

On the regulatory framework, participants asked for clarity regarding energy exploration, production, and distribution activities within Turkana County, safeguarding both community interests and investor obligations.

As the legislative process moves to other sub-counties, stakeholders are hopeful that their voices will be heard to pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable energy future in the county.

The public participation exercise was facilitated and supported by GIZ.

County officials present were Justus Eloto (Deputy Sub-County Administrator Loima) Dennis Eregae (County Legal Officer) Susan Echoto (Chief Administrator).

It is expected that the exercise will be conducted in all the Sub counties moving forward.

By Peter Gitonga

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