Turkana leaders resolve to unite

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Leaders  in  Turkana have resolved to work together to enhance development in the county.

Led  by  Governor  Josphat  Nanok, area members of parliament who accompanied Deputy President, William Ruto during his three  day tour of the region said they had decided to put aside their political differences so as to achieve faster development.

“We have agreed to work together as a county leadership to ensure our people benefit from development projects being initiated by the county and national governments,” Nanok said at Kainuk on Monday.

He  said he was the first governor from the opposition to support the President and his deputy when they were re-elected in 2017.

The  Governor  defended his decision to work with the government of the day, adding that it was meant to ensure that the county which  had lagged behind for many years does not miss out on development projects being implemented countrywide.

“We have been denied many opportunities as a county and I decided to work with the national government to ensure our people do not waste another five years,” he said.

Members of parliament present during the occasion, included James Lomenen (Turkana south), John Lodepe (Turkana central), Daniel Epuyo (Turkana west) and  Ali Lokiru (Turkana east) also pledged to work together with the national government and their governor.

“As leaders we have resolved to work together to ensure Nanok completes his term peacefully,” said Lodepe. The three  legislators have made public their decision to vie for the gubernatorial seat in 2022.

However, Nanok  said time for politicking was over and urged all leaders to focus on serving the electorate.

The governor, who is also the ODM vice chairman, has also thrown his weight behind the deputy president ahead of the 2022  election.

On his part, Lodepe said he had decided to stop marketing himself for the 2022 gubernatorial to allow the sitting governor  time to deliver on his campaign pledges.

Meanwhile, Loima Member of Parliament, Jeremiah Lomurukai appeared to differ with his counterparts who did not include him in the planning for the DP’s visit.

Lomurukai asked the DP to consider visiting his constituency as a show of unity, adding that Ruto has never visited Loima  despite making several visits to other regions in  the  county.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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