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Two hippos threatening residents in Garashi location

Two hippos have been threatening local residents who live near River Sabaki in Garashi location, Magarini Sub County for the past two weeks after the river burst its banks and flooded their farmlands.

Area residents, among them victims of floods who reported the presence of the wild game to their local administrators said those who came across the beasts have had to run to save their lives.

Kahindi Kenga who taps mnazi wine at Masindeni Sub Location and his counterpart in Mikuyuni Sub Location Kenga Wanje said they were forced to run and climb palm trees to save their dear lives after they spotted them early on Tuesday morning.

The  Garashi location Chief, Chula Ndudhi Chula  who confirmed the presence of the wild game said they must have been brought out of the water during the floods and have been staying in the peoples’ farms.

He said the presence of the hippos has forced both the people affected by the floods and those in their homes to be cautious in their day to day movements for fear of being attacked.

“We called Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) officials from Tsavo East National Park to come and remove the animals but they have not turned up probably because of the poor state of the roads. We will keep on reminding them when the public continue spotting them. There is hope that they will go back to the river when the floods and speed water reduces,” he said.

The chief said the animals might have carried by the raging waters from somewhere else and urged members of the public to be cautious as the government takes up the matter.

By  Harrison  Yeri

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