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University promotes community agriculture and primary health care

There are multiple community benefits derived from research carried out by medical and agricultural students at the University of East Africa Baraton section, local leaders now say.

According to them, expectant mothers within Chesumei Sub-County have always enjoyed free prenatal and postnatal care services provided by nursing students on research.

Julius Keter, Chemundu-Kapngetuny Ward Member of the County Assembly, said his people, especially expectant mothers, get free primary health care services, including the provision of mosquito nets and various other primary health care services that are essential to the entire community.

Keter urged Baraton University management to expand their services to the community by establishing a modern hospital to provide advanced medical services to the people.

The MCA said the community within Baraton University has always and will always support initiatives by the university council that have direct or indirect benefits to the locals.

Further, Keter pointed out various agriculture courses that call for research done within the university as another area of benefit.

“Research agricultural projects have always been carried out in the surrounding area, and my people have always acquired new skills and even resources to advance their farming experiences,” he said.

He said new farming techniques and improved output experience by his ward residents have their credits to the university, which has always incorporated the community in their projects.

Keter, however, challenged the university management to emphasize technical and practical skills, which are key to improving the new competency-based curriculum, to make graduates more competent in job markets.

Chemundu-Kapngetuny MCA further said the establishment of Baraton University has promoted businesses within the institution, including real estate developers and other various commercial buildings.

“I confidently say that jobs have been created either directly from the university or through businesses that have sprung up close to the institution,” Keter revealed.

The growth of small businesses within the university has been witnessed, with farmers producing milk having remarkable benefits, according to him.

The University of East Africa Baraton remains the only established mission university offering various courses in Nandi County.

By Geoffrey Satia

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