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Uriri pulls a first one on Bursary Distribution

The parliamentary committee on National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has commended the initiative by the leadership in Uriri Constituency for adopting a digital system in the distribution of education bursary.

The committee which on Monday toured Uriri Constituency to inspect the progress of the development projects done by the area Member of Parliament Mark Nyamita in the previous term was impressed by the technological input to the disbursement of the funds.

Led by Eldama Ravine Member of Parliament Mr Moses Sirma, the body noted that the decision to disburse the bursary funds online will not only provide faster accessibility of bursary services by the befitting students but also offer transparency and accountability in the use of government resources.

Speaking during the assessment tour, Mr Sirma explained: “the digital  route will eradicate corruption in the distribution of the CDF funds and also allow easy reach of the bursary services to the students many of who live in rural set ups away from the the Constituency offices.

The team inspected four fully completed projects in the constituency which included the Uriri Technical Training Institute (TTI), Rapogi mix primary complex, a laboratory at Nyamasaria Secondary School and the Kajulu Sub-Chief offices in West Kanyamkago ward.

Mr Sirma said the role of the oversight board is to ensure the proper utilization of the funds allocated to the Constituency for Development, and praised legislators who have so far adhered to the required financial disciple.

MP Nyamita is one example of the legislators who have shown that the funds can be used well on projects his exceptional leadership, citing that the complete project, he said.

Mr George Olemeshuko, Director of the NG-CDF board said that the constructing and equipping of the Uriri Technical Training Institute (TTI) where over 1200 students have been admitted was a good indicator that the development funds under the constituency had been spent well with a view to impart  students with relevant skills.

“It is the agenda of the National Government to ensure our children are equipped well with relevant skills in Technical areas and we are happy now that Mr Nyamita has shaped this agenda by constructing a technical school,” said Mr Olemeshuko.

Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Ms Beatrice Elachi pleaded with the National Government to offer scholarships to students in TTIs as a way to augment the insufficient constituency bursary funds in order to educate more students.

“We want to request the National Government that when a huge population of students in TTI like what is in Uriri, it is only good to just give offer students scholarship to augment thistle funds from the constituency kitty,” said Ms Elachi.

Area MP, Nyamita vowed to sponsor a bill in parliament seeking to increase the allocation of the NG – CDF fund from 2.5 per cent to 5 per cent.

He also revealed that the NG-CDF board has allocated an additional four million shillings to the constituency kitty, an amount that will make a big difference in the new number of the beneficiaries

Nyamita at the same time criticized the Migori county government for its discriminatory practices in allocating the County bursary.

He claimed that students from the Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) he helped establish were not receiving the necessary support from the county government.

By Obouyo Michael and George Agimba

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