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Varsity student talks of close shave with death after stabbing by jilted lover

A  Pwani University student who was stabbed several times by her alleged ex-boyfriend narrated to the press what transpired on the fateful day.

Speaking from her hospital bed in Kilifi on Monday, Ms. Naomi Chepkemboi, 21, a third year student who is undertaking public health course said ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Koech came to her house at around 6 am (Sunday) but she would not let him into her house.

“I declined to open, but he begged me to open the door for him because he had come for reconciliation,” she quoted Koech as saying.

Ms. Chepkemboi said she opened the door but moved out of the house so that the discussion could take place outside. Koech told her that he had come to settle score over their relationship issues.

“I did not allow him in my house. We talked outside the house and after which I went back into my house believing that he had left, but that was not the case,” she lamented, adding that Koech forcefully entered her house, locked the door from inside and threw away the keys.

“I hurriedly informed my neighbour  Ochieng who had my duplicate key and told him to come and open my door while Koech was busy calling my dad. After a short while, he removed a knife from his bag and stabbed me on my back,” she stated.

She  said when Ochieng came to open the door, a furious Koech tried to stab him also but he raised alarm and neighbours came and rescued her.

Ms. Chepkemboi explained to the press that she had parted ways with Koech last year after being in a relationship from 2016 and even got a child with him but he was not responsible enough towards their daughter and that’s why she decided to walk out of the relationship.

“I believe that could be the reason why he traveled all the way from Nairobi to Kilifi just to come and stab me. What I need now is justice,” she stated.

Koech was yesterday arraigned in Kilifi law courts but police were given 14 days to complete their investigations.

By  Simon  Guruba

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